The intellectually person values lifelong learning and seeks to foster critical thinking, develop moral reasoning, expand worldviews and engage in education for the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Intellectual well-being is not just a concept; it actually improves the physical structure of your brain. When muscles are challenges, they grow and strengthen – and the same is true for our brains. It’s just as important to engage in activities to strengthen our brains and intellectual wellness as it is to strengthen our muscles. We now know that new neurons are being born continuously throughout our life. Studies show that both physical and mental exercise support the growth and life of these new neurons, while stress and depression can hinder them. Challenging your brain also helps existing neurons form new connections
    • Your discovery activity: Increase your intellectual wellness by doing these activities RIGHT NOW.
      • Read: Visit this health & wellness blog at and spend the next few minutes reading up on a topic that interest you, or ask for some of our patient education material to read while you wait.
      • Play: Sudoku, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, and strategic games like scrabble with exercise your mind and memory.
      • Explore: Take 30s to look around the room and note how many times you see the color blue. Staying present and intentionally exploring your environment will stimulate your mind.