The spiritually well person seeks harmony and balance by openly exploring the depth of human purpose, meaning, and connection through dialogue and self-reflection.

  • Your spiritual welfare is about what inspires you, what gives you hope, and what you feel strongly about. Your spirit is the seat of your deepest values and character. Whether or not you practice a religion, you can recognize that there is part of you that goes beyond the analytical thinking of your intellect; it’s the part of you that feels, makes value judgements, and ponders your connection to others, to your moral values, and to the world. To be spiritually well is to be willing to seek answers and see things in new ways. It also means finding your purpose in life and staying aligned with it.
    • Your discovery activity: Increase your spiritual wellness by doing this activity RIGHT NOW.
      • Start writing out three lists: everything you are good at, everything you enjoy doing, everything that gives you a sense of purpose. Then look for the common themes in these lists. Set aside some time to carefully consider this list and how it might help you prioritize your life so you can stay on purpose.


Central Ohio Living Free

Central Ohio Living Free known as “COLF” is a resource for individuals struggling with life controlling issues.

COLF provides a variety of resources from referrals to live-in programs, at-home programs, small group meetings, and the availability of relevant life-giving materials for one-on-one mentorship.

COLF not only wants to help and support the hurting individual, but also be a resource to the church and the communities that are seeking information on assistance for the broken life.

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